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Faraday Duffel, Product release -

The X2 faraday duffel bag is finally released, and it's absolutely worthy of a blog post. This bag is very cool and very versatile.  Over the past 6 years as a designer of RF shielding products I've received numerous requests for a bag that includes a detachable faraday pocket.  The main purpose of the pocket is to be used as a secondary shielding compartment when combined with the duffel, but also to attach to other packs like military molle bags.  The entire X2 Duffel is built with dual paired seams, and the highest quality faraday materials available.  With the ability to shield...

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Many types of cheap, consumer grade faraday bags exist and, "semi-forensic" solutions complicate the landscape.   A few important characterizes can help determine whether a faraday bag is truly suitable or not for forensics use. 

The way a faraday bag closes is integral to its ability to shield. A bag that closes with with a single flap, like an envelope, is certainly more convenient to use than a double roll. Consumers with less of a requirement for shielding reliability (i.e. it’s ok if the bag fails every once in a while) may prefer this configuration, but forensics should never...

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