Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Touch USB

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Operate Devices and Extract Information over USB while Shielded from WiFi, Cell & Other Signals 

The Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Touch USB is the only collapsible faraday enclosure on the market with a built-in conductive glove, device preview window, large interior space, and USB port allowing the operator to access and extract data on scene. Designed specifically for law enforcement and military forensic investigators, the BlockBox Touch USB allows users to operate touch screens in order to conduct cell phone and tablet triage, analysis, and extraction while keeping devices shielded inside. With the high-speed USB filter, time-sensitive data can be extracted in hours, not days.

The BlockBox Touch USB is built with a NeoLok closure system, allowing an operator to effortlessly close the faraday chamber by way of a double roll and strong magnetic seal holding the roll in place. A quick-snap strap over the roll provides extra closure protection. This type of closure extends the life of the bag by reducing velcro abrasion and "hard pulling" on the closure area.

The unit is constructed of high-quality, water-resistant outer materials and padded interior walls that collapse and fold down. Devices can remain shielded inside of the collapsed enclosure during transport. An included signal-dampening foam block provides a platform to take photos of devices, as well as additional shielding in high-signal strength environments. Also comes with a USB male to male cable, instructions, and a slim carrying case. The BlockBox Touch USB can be transported in a backpack or small bag, making it the perfect analysis enclosure for lab and field operations.  


Internal walls collapse to allow the unit to fold flat. Sides then overlap for transport and storage. Comes with carrying case, signal dampening foam block, USB male to male cable, and instructions.