Mission Darkness™ Padded Utility Faraday Bag

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The Mission Darkness™ Padded Utility Faraday Bag is the only faraday bag on the market specifically designed to shield delicate electronics such as rangefinders, battery powered night vision optics, scope screens, digital cameras, and accompanying accessories. This is a 70dB+ RF shielding, specialized faraday enclosure designed for the needs of preppers, law enforcement, military missions, and related fields. The bag prevents any signals from reaching the devices inside, so electronics cannot be hacked, tracked, digitally altered, or destroyed from occurrences such as EMPs. Protection of these types of accessories is often overlooked when preparing for emergency scenarios, but it is necessary to take precaution in the way survival items are stored and transported.

The bag is constructed with a multi-layer protection system, consisting of a durable duffel style outer shell with MOLLE webbing and side zipper compartments, a removable high-shielding faraday liner in the inside, and padded side walls and inserts. The padded walls and removable padded inserts allow for various sized devices to stay in place and be protected during transport. The water-resistant outer materials and multi-layered protection system are made to withstand rugged terrain and prevent moisture and signals from reaching devices enclosed inside.