Mission Darkness Blokstart Keyfob Shield™

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The Blokstart Keyfob Shield™ is a patent pending, durable faraday enclosure for preventing vehicle engines from starting during auto service. Smart keyfobs allow a vehicle to start without a physical key in the ignition, which may destroy the engine or harm the mechanic during service. When the keyfob is placed inside of the Blokstart Keyfob Shield™, all signal is instantly blocked, preventing the ignition from communicating with the keyfob.

The Blokstart Keyfob Shield™ is specially designed for mechanic use, specifically any location where oil change and vehicle maintenance occurs. The enclosure is made to withstand frequent use and resist and oil and grime. Magnetic side wings attach to metal surfaces and can even conform to irregular or rounded objects such as poles or podiums. The Blokstart Keyfob Shield™ is a simple and effective solution for ensuring that no unwanted signal communication occurs, thus maintaining customer, vehicle, and mechanic safety.