Mission Darkness™ offers a variety of TitanRF faraday materials for making custom RF shielding enclosures and do-it-yourself EMI/EMR reduction projects. Products range from conductive adhesive tapes and patches to high-shielding fabric, which can be used together to create faraday enclosures.


Learn how to use faraday materials to make your own RF shielding enclosure.


create your own Faraday Enclosure

TitanRF Faraday Fabric and Tape make it easy to create your own faraday enclosure, bag, or cage. The high-shielding fabric comes in a large sheet that can be cut and sewn like regular fabric to create a unique RF shielding enclosure. The conductive adhesive (available in multiple sizes) makes it effortless to connect fabric pieces and seal openings.

patch a punctured faraday bag

If using TitanRF Faraday Patches to mend a punctured faraday bag, simply remove backing and firmly adhere to flat surface. Make sure the patch completely and securely covers the punctured area. Large patch sheets can be used to create a faraday enclosure by folding sides and sticking over an object. You can trim the patch with scissors to fit your specific need.