Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Touch Multiport

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Operate, Charge, and Extract Information on Multiple Devices while Shielded from WiFi, Cell & Other Signals 

The Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Touch Multiport is the most versatile, light-weight analysis enclosure in the BlockBox forensics series. The product consists of a spacious faraday compartment with a built-in multifunctional shielded filter, double layer conductive glove, large transparent window, and LED light strip. The multiport filter includes two USB ports, one RJ45 ethernet port, and one AC power port. The combined features allows an operator to connect multiple electronic devices inside the faraday compartment to a local network internally, as well as connect to a charging source, computer, or data extraction tool externally.

The BlockBox Touch Multiport is primarily used for forensic investigators to conduct triage and analysis on seized devices (such as cell phones and tablets), while remaining shielded from RF signals. Alternative uses relate to mobile device testing, since the product can be used to create an isolated and controlled environment.

The BlockBox Touch Multiport is easy to use, extremely high-shielding, and large enough to accommodate a variety of midsize electronics and accompanying accessories. The product is built with a NeoLok closure system, allowing an operator to effortlessly close the faraday chamber by way of a double roll and strong magnetic seal holding the roll in place. A quick-snap strap over the roll provides extra closure protection.