NEW Mission Darkness Faraday Bag Tester App for iOS

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NEW Mission Darkness Faraday Bag Tester App for iOS

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new faraday bag testing app for iOS!

The new Faraday Test app is designed to test the signal blocking strength of faraday bags or other faraday enclosures.  It allows the user to perform a test using WiFi and cell signals to determine whether the faraday enclosure completely or only partially blocks signal transmission.  A report is generated with dB attenuation ratings.

The app is extremely simple and gives you the ability to know whether your faraday bags are doing their job of shielding signals effectively.  We made this app to prove YOURSELF how well our products work.  Whether testing a Mission Darkness faraday bag, your own homemade faraday cage, or any other product described as signal-blocking, you can now know the truth about its effectiveness. 

Failed Test Results     vs.     Successful Test Results

Mission_Darkness_Faraday_Bag_Tester_App_iOS-fail     Mission_Darkness_Faraday_Bag_Tester_App_iOS-success 

How to test your faraday enclosure:

    • Look for "Faraday Test" in the Apple Store.
    • Make sure you're connected to cell and WiFi.
    • Open the app on your iOS device.
    • Click the button to start running the test.  Wait 20 seconds or so to measure signals.
    • Place the device inside your faraday enclosure and seal the enclosure. Wait about 20 seconds before taking the device out.
    • Remove the device then keep the app running for a little longer to regain signal.
    • End the test and wait for the signal shielding results to generate.

Other applications:

    • RF enclosure testing
    • Faraday box checking
    • Wireless hardware testing
    • App development RF enclosure testing
    • iOS device testing

Download the FREE iOS app and start testing your faraday bags today!


Available for Android devices as well.  Look for "MD Faraday Bag Tester" in the Google Play Store.