Meet The Team


At MOS Equipment, our primary mission is to lead the global market in radio frequency (RF) shielding solutions, serving a wide range of devices and scenarios. Central to our purpose is our commitment to military and law enforcement agencies. We focus on equipping these agencies with the tools they need for effective digital evidence preservation and enhanced crime-fighting capabilities. Every team member at MOS Equipment is dedicated to this goal, constantly working to innovate and improve our products. Our efforts are aimed at making a direct impact on worldwide crime reduction.



We build trusted products and relationships.
We stand behind our products and our customers trust that our products will live up to their claims. Our trustworthiness is achieved by being transparent, honest, and evidence backed.


Our efforts are motivated by badass outcomes.
We're proud to offer products, services, and results that are nothing short of badass. We are trailblazers in our industry, not settling for just ok. When a customer receives our product, calls our team for support, or receives a quote in record time, we want them to come away thinking, "wow, that's badass!"


The customer is our top priority.
We are hyper-focused on meeting the needs of our customers, and we truly value their business. That includes overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and delivering exceptional results, so that customers become raving fans of our products and support.


We improve and advance.
We listen to feedback and think outside the box to create needed products in the market. We are hungry, passionate, we don't settle on a product that has the opportunity to be updated, and we love tough problems and new challenges.


We win as a team.
We work collaboratively towards a common purpose and shared goals, while enjoying the journey and having fun. That means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. We are growing this company not for our own personal gain, but for each other and our customers.


Ryan Judy

Joe Schwartz
VP Operations

Amanda Benenati
VP Marketing

Kees Schippers
Accounts / Shipping & Logistics Manager

Tyler Guynn
Warehouse Manager

Juan Crisantos
Production Supervisor

Matt Miller
Business Development

Jon Rogstad
Software Lead

Keith Saito
Project Manager

Maria Judy
Project Manager

Nick Ely
Content Marketing Manager

Angelica Ramirez
Office Manager

Damian Gover
Logistics Support

Eric VanBrocklin
Administrative Assistant (Warehouse)

Connor Ferris
Warehouse Associate

Kevin Mendoza
Order Fulfillment Specialist

Misa Sanchez-Aguilar
Assembly Technician

Zach Verhoef
Assembly Technician

Landon Osborne Assembly Technician

Anthony Luna Velez Assembly Technician

Ben Cable
Order Fulfillment Specialist

Alex Lammers
Warehouse Associate

Office / Kees's Dog

Office / Tyler's Dog


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