Mesa Police Human Exploitation and Trafficking Testimonial

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and crime, investigators must be proactive in adopting innovative tools. The use of MOS Equipment's Faraday bags has proven to be a crucial step in safeguarding digital evidence and maintaining the integrity of investigations. Equipped with these bags, we can confidently address the challenges posed by remote data wiping and phone encryption, knowing that vital evidence will be securely preserved.

- Joshua Lee
Police Sergeant

Human Exploitation and Trafficking
Mesa (Arizona) Police

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Fort Collins Police Forensic Services Unit Testimonial

The Fort Collins Police Forensic Services Unit has been using the Mission Darkness faraday solutions since 2021. We’ve had great success using the practice of getting a phone into faraday protected storage as quickly as possible and all the way through the end of the extraction of the data using various Mission Darkness products. We use faraday bags in the field to transport the devices to the police department. Once at the police department we transfer the device to a Blocker Locker where it secured in an individual locker, stays on, stays powered and remains in a protected state until the proper search authority is obtained. 

Once the analysis process begins, we use a BlockBox Lab XL to remove the phone from the faraday bag and connect it to our forensic processing tool where it is processed while it remains in a faraday protected environment. If the device needs additional processing via brute force, we put the device in the Forensic Crack Cabinet to keep the phone powered, cooled, and secured. We have found the Blocker Locker to be a huge key to the success of getting into devices successfully. By keeping the devices on, powered and in a protected environment we’ve had better success getting into the majority of the devices we process very quickly. We are in the process of purchasing our second Blocker Locker to allow us to securely store more devices.

- Jason Shutters
Corporal / Computer Forensic Analyst

Forensic Services Unit
Fort Collins (Colorado) Police Services

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Customer Reviews

EMP Proof

What can I say other then if you want to protect your electronics from an unprecedented disaster of an EMP, you can rest easy knowing your important electronics can and will survive inside this Faraday bag! It has many outer pockets and one large one inside that is EMP proof! It's built very well and is water proof as well!

- T. J. Raywood, Verified Buyer

Mission Darkness, the best product out there today!

This product keeps your computer and phone safe from hackers since it blocks all signals. This is the third product I have purchased from Mission Darkness and I love everything I purchased. I don't worry about anyone messing with my bag. I put a lot of items in this bag for work or just for hiking trails, I use it on a daily basis and it works great for my needs. Plus I can keep my jacket and my bullet proof vest in my bag so I'm always ready to go.

- Deborah C., Verified Buyer

I am a Human and this bag blocks EMF

This is a well-made bag that also is effective at blocking a range of electromagnetic frequencies. When you have a cell phone that is paired to e.g. Bluetooth/Wifi, placing the device inside the bag will cause the connection to be lost. Thus the product is effective. The bag comfortably fits about two laptops inside foam cases, that is about the shape and size of things you can expect to fit in here. The bag is made of a canvas material that is probably not Kevlar-strong, but has been completely resistant to damage during normal use. The inside material is soft like a jacket: a jacket that blocks EMF. Also it is a plus that the company Mission Darkness makes a free and honest cell phone app to let you test the efficacy of their Faraday solutions as well as your own. This is the mark of a company that wants you to test their product. Now think about why other companies don't want you to know basic information about the efficacy of their product, and you will see why this is a worthwhile bag. Crystals/Rocks do not block EMF. Only enclosures such as Faraday cages & bags are capable of blocking EMF.

- Customer, Verified Buyer

Trusted product for operating and extracting smartphone info while shielded

I’m quite impressed with the BlockBox Touch USB. I had been searching for a transportable product with these particular capabilities, mainly a tool that would allow me to analyze and extract data from a smartphone while shielded. I’ve tested the Box multiple times now near high-powered WiFi and it blocked completely. I can interrogate devices and film the screen through the transparent window. USB port transfers data quickly, can also be used to charge. The entire Box collapses and folds into a condensed size small enough to fit in my briefcase, allowing me to travel with the kit and devices I’m working with.

- Patrick O., Verified Buyer

Incredibly well-crafted way to protect your geo-anonynimity

I recently purchased this duffel bag after researching options for several weeks. What I discovered is there are a number of manufacturers out there who profess to make similar products but, after testing, they do not offer the same level of rock-solid protection. As the owner of a Cybersecurity company who works frequently with organizations who would need such technology, I discovered they were ALL using this one brand. After checking with their tech guys, I discovered they tried multiple other solutions, as did I, and what we found was the MD X2 is the best all-round solution with dependable protection.

- jhwhiteh, Verified Buyer


This company is exceptional. Excellent brand, excellent products, and they keep on innovating. Highly regarded.

- J, Verified Buyer

Excellent quality

This is the fifth purchase I've made from Mission Darkness and I am always impressed with the quality of each bag. I've tested other faraday bags that either don't work or don't seal properly. The magnets and velcro offer a duel seal that, when tested, protect the device from outside pulses/signals. If you are looking for a quality faraday bag, I highly suggest seriously considering a Mission Darkness bag.

- Stephen, Verified Buyer