Faraday Tents

Mission Darkness™ offers a diverse collection of faraday tents designed for a range of specialized applications, including digital forensics, signal isolation for testing, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection. These tents are engineered with the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional shielding effectiveness, providing an enclosed space that blocks all wireless signals, thereby securing sensitive information and protecting electronic equipment from external electromagnetic interference.

Door-Style Faraday Tents & Covers (CYBERCYLENT™ Line)

Door-style faraday tents and vehicle covers are engineered with a single conductive fabric tent piece that effortlessly connects to a lightweight carbon fiber frame via adjustable tension straps. The design includes a door mechanism, allowing for easy opening and closing. This makes them especially suitable for workspace access and operational vehicles that need to maintain accessibility while still being protected from signal intrusions and EMP threats.

Drape-Style Faraday Tents & Vehicle Covers (Exodus Line)

Drape-style faraday tents and vehicle covers are comprised of two pieces: a conductive fabric floor base and a top piece that drapes over an aluminum frame, creating a secure enclosure. These covers are ideal for long-term storage or situations where access to the vehicle is infrequent, providing an impenetrable barrier against electromagnetic disturbances.

Custom Faraday Tents & Vehicle Covers

We can build custom faraday tents and vehicle covers to meet your specific project needs and space requirements, and also incorporate shielded filters and power connections with EMP surge arresters for internal connectivity. To explore customization capabilities, contact us to discuss the details and requirements of your project.