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New School Policy for 2024–2025: Signal-Blocking Pouches Required in Some Districts

Starting in the 2024–2025 school year, several school districts will mandate the use of non-locking, signal-blocking pouches for students in grades 6-12. This new policy aims to enhance student focus and safety by effectively managing device use during school hours. School policies vary, although Clark County district states:

"Each student will place their personal cellular device into a non-locking, signal-blocking pouch during classroom instruction. Students will have access to their device between classes and at lunch. Each student’s personal cellular device will be held in a non-locking, signal-blocking pouch in a safe location in close proximity to the student within the classroom and will be accessible in the event of an emergency."

— Green Valley High School Principal Kent Roberts, March 19, 2024.

Is Your School Enacting This New Policy?

If your school is adopting this new policy, Mission Darkness has a variety of options to choose from depending on your use case and budget. Known for their durability and superior RF shielding capabilities, our bags ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our affordable bulk solutions make it feasible for schools to equip every student with a high-quality, durable faraday bag that accommodates all phone models, including those with bulky cases.

Benefits of Non-Locking, Signal-Blocking Pouches

  • Eliminate Classroom Distractions: Prevent students from accessing social media, texting, or browsing during class and tests. Ensure students stay focused on their studies without the temptation of their phones.
  • Ensure Device Security: Keep devices available and within reach for emergencies, unlike storing them in lockers or phone-locking Yondr pouches which pose security concerns.
  • Prove Non-Communicable Devices: Teachers can confidently ensure that devices are not in use, as opposed to students merely claiming their phones are off.
  • Promote Responsible Use: Allow students to access their devices during designated times, fostering responsible use of technology.

Trusted and Durable Faraday Bags

Our lab-tested and certified faraday bags are known for their durability and superior shielding capabilities. We’ve partnered with numerous schools, providing comprehensive support for district and school-wide implementations. We assist schools with a seamless faraday bag introduction program and offer free samples for evaluation to ensure our products meet your needs.

Mission Darkness faraday bags block signals preventing school distractions

Join the Disctrction-Free Movement

Join the growing number of schools implementing this smart approach to enhance student focus and safety. Introduce Mission Darkness faraday bags school-wide for the 2024-2025 year and experience the difference.

Our faraday bags are offered to school districts at an affordable bulk discount rate, helping to ensure more students have acccess to this innovative disctraction-free tool. For more information and to place bulk orders, contact us today!

Mission Darkness faraday bags are signal-blocking pouches used in schools
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