Mission Darkness™ Blocker Locker 7 Stand (Stand Only)

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Mission Darkness™ Blocker Locker 7 Stand

(Stand Only, Locker Sold Separately)


The Mission Darkness™ Blocker Locker 7 Stand blends functionality with convenience for the digital forensics sector. Crafted from industrial-grade, heavy-weight aluminum, it not only complements the Blocker Locker 7 in aesthetics but also in utility, creating a sleek, unified appearance when the two components are stacked. This stand elevates the locker to a more user-friendly height, optimizing workspace by liberating desk or counter areas, and robustly supporting the locker's weight. This eliminates the need for extensive installation, as anchoring the unit to a wall suffices.

The stand's lockable door opens to reveal a spacious storage compartment, significantly extending the product's utility. It's amply sized to accommodate additional Charge & Shield Faraday Bags and other accessories, augmenting your storage options. A key drop slot ingeniously integrated into the cabinet door streamlines key management, eliminating the need for the bulky lockbox attachment included with the locker, thereby enhancing the overall sleekness of the design.

The stand's design thoughtfully omits a back panel on the lower section, allowing it to fit snugly against wall outlets. This design eliminates the need for gaps in cable management and reduces the risk of accidental power disconnections, ensuring a more secure and efficient setup. Wall anchoring is made easy and secure through durable channels located at the top and bottom of the stand (wall anchors not included). To ensure stability on uneven surfaces, the stand is equipped with adjustable leveling feet at each bottom corner.

This innovative stand is more than an accessory; it's a strategic enhancement to the usability of the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7, tailored to meet the intricate demands of digital forensics investigations with efficiency and style.

Mission Darkness Blocker Locker Stand Increases Support, Stogage, and Utility
Lockable cabinet door with key drop slot

Stand Features

  • Crafted from industrial-grade, heavy-weight aluminum, the stand is designed for lasting durability, accommodating frequent third-party use with ease
  • The stand effectively supports and aesthetically complements the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7, providing a cohesive look

  • The stand raises the locker to a more accessible height for users, effectively freeing up desk or counter space and streamlining workspace organization

  • A lockable cabinet door with a spacious storage compartment enhances the stand's utility for storing additional accessories

  • The built-in key drop slot in the cabinet door offers a convenient key management solution, eliminating the need for a separate lockbox (cabinet lock is compatible with the locker master key)

  • The absence of a back panel on the lower section facilitates placement directly against wall outlets, simplifying cable management and reducing chances of the power cord getting accidentally unplugged

  • Adjustable leveling feet on all bottom corners provide stability on uneven surfaces

  • Installation is straightforward, only requiring the top and bottom pieces of the stand to be bolted together, plus simple anchoring to a wall, thus making the setup process efficient and user-friendly
  • Channels along the top and bottom for the insertion of wall anchors (not provided) to enhance stability when mounted

  • Simple assembly; watch the installation video below for details and an assembly overview

Dimensions & Weight

  • Shelf base external dimensions: 17.5" L x 21" W x 31.75" H (44.45cm x 53.34cm x 80.65cm)
  • Height with locker stacked on top of shelf: 66" H (167.64cm)
  • Dimensions inside the compartment: 17.25" L x 18.5" W x 27" H (43.82cm x 47cm x 68.58cm)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Shipping weight: 120lbs (ships on a pallet)
  • Shipping dimensions: 48" L x 40" W x 38" H (ships on a pallet)


While the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7 Stand is versatile enough to be used for various applications, its primary design purpose is to complement and enhance the functionality of the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7. Its dimensions, features, and overall aesthetic are tailored to align with the Blocker Locker 7, ensuring a seamless integration. This specific compatibility highlights how the stand serves as more than just an accessory; it plays an important role in enhancing the functionality and ease of use of the locker. Its design elements, from the material used to the structural details, are all focused on delivering a cohesive and efficient experience when used alongside the locker.

*Note that although the locker and stand are designed to be used together, they can be used independently without each other; for that reason, the components are not sold as a set.

The stand provides an array of functionality and features that go beyond just being a standard industrial furniture base

The omission of a back panel in the stand's design enables it to be positioned directly against a wall outlet, offering convenient access to power sources while ensuring a more secure setup

The Blocker Locker 7 seamlessly stacks atop the supportive stand, significantly improving its utility and user experience

Blocker Locker & Stand Applications

In digital forensics, the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7 and its accompanying stand play a crucial role in secure evidence handling. The unique Charge & Shield Faraday Bags housed in each locker compartment offer an RF signal-shielded environment (that can be removed and transported), preserving the integrity of digital evidence on mobile devices, and preventing remote tampering or data compromise. Additionally, each compartment of the locker is equipped with USB power outlets, enabling the charging of devices while keeping them shielded. This charging capability ensures that devices remain powered for successful passcode cracking and forensic analysis.

The stand, by elevating the locker, not only optimizes lab space but also enhances workflow efficiency. Its lockable compartment offers additional secure storage for forensic tools and accessories, facilitating a more streamlined evidence processing procedure. The integrated key drop slot further simplifies the management of locker keys.

Overall, the Mission Darkness Blocker Locker 7 and its accompanying stand offer a practical solution for law enforcement digital forensics, addressing the need for secure evidence storage and continuous device readiness. The charging capability within the locker ensures that devices remain in an optimal state as they await analysis, while the stand contributes to an organized and efficient workspace. This combination effectively meets the essential requirements of digital forensic investigations in a straightforward and reliable manner.

Blocker Locker Stand Installation Video