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Mission Darkness™ TitanRF Faraday Fabric offers the next generation of faraday shielding. This is the same fabric that is used by military and law enforcement forensics investigators to block cell phone, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS signals. It is also used by civilians for EMP protection, personal data protection, anti-theft, identity protection, signal isolation in secure facilities, EZ pass shielding, data protection during travel, anti-credit card skimming, and more. Using copper and nickel to achieve an average attenuation of 80-100dB from 10Mz to 5Ghz, TitanRF offers extremely high shielding. Use TitanRF to block RF signals, EMI radiation, EMP’s, shield passports, credit cards, solar generators, and more. Every packet comes with a 12" sample of TitanRF Tape which can be used to tape together layers of TitanRF Fabric. Check out our faraday testing apps to confirm your design (see below).


  • 80dB - 100dB average signal attenuation
  • High shielding (not mid-grade shielding) material for blocking RF signals such as WiFi, cell, GPS, and Bluetooth
  • Nickel and copper composition
  • 44" wide x 36" long / 11 sq. ft. / 1.22 sq. yards
  • Surface resistance approximately .5 Ohm/sq.
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • High grade corrosion and tarnish resistance
  • Easy to work with - cut, sew, and use like standard fabric for EMP protection, cell phone signal blocking, EMI radiation reduction, and wireless meter shielding


  • TitanRF Faraday Fabric measuring 44” x 36” / 11sq. ft. / 1.22 sq.
  • One 12" sample strip of TitanRF Tape
  • Usage Instructions

    Use our FREE Faraday Testing App!

    The Mission Darkness™ app lets you test shielding effectiveness of your faraday projects. The Android app, called "MD Faraday Bag Tester" or iPhone app called, "Faraday Test" uses your phone's WiFi, cell, and Bluetooth antennas to measure dB shielding.