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A Plea for Protection Against 5G

Do you know that 5G mobile technology uses radio frequency (RF) energy to create a short-range unlicensed wireless access point? RF energy seems to be quite harmful to our health. This blog aims to educate you on the health implications of 5G and why shielding is important. The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from cell phones and mobile devices have been linked to many health problems. By shielding your mobile devices and electronic equipment, you can protect yourself, your family, and your employees against these forms of wireless communication radiation.

How Do High RF Levels Affect Our Health?

It is important to first understand what radio frequency actually means before its possible health implications are discussed. The “radio” in “radio frequency” refers to the use of this technology in our everyday lives, including all sorts of communications, news broadcasts and entertainment. RF is used in a lot of interesting ways, such as to broadcast radio and television signals. It’s also used in wireless broadband technologies such as Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Exposure to very high levels of RF radiation can cause tissue damage similar to that caused by traditional heat sources. The heat that your body absorbs from the radiation emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices can be dangerous, especially when used for long periods of time. While the current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exposure guidelines are based on studies conducted in the late 1970s, recent testing by leading independent research groups estimates that RF exposure may be up to 5 times higher than previously measured.

A few different research teams have studied whether electromagnetic fields can cause cancer, and conflicting results have emerged. Some sources have suggested a possible link between exposure to high electromagnetic fields and some tumors in lab animals, but the findings haven’t always been confirmed in additional studies. Further research is currently underway in several laboratories around the world to help settle this question.

We recommend the Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag For Phones which was designed to aid in EMF radiation reduction, amongst many other factors. This bag also blocks Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals from low MHz to 40GHz.

5G is still in its development stages, so we can’t be certain of how it will be deployed. Our tests indicate there’s unlikely any signal attenuation with our bags, however. We recommend that you shop our selection of faraday bags to find the ideal security solution for your needs. Our staff is also happy to help direct you to the best solution for your situation.

How Do Low RF Levels Affect Our Health?

Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation is generally regarded by the public as harmless since it doesn’t have enough energy to damage cells in the human body. It can cause headaches, nausea or even rashes, however. Public concern can be raised as people suffering from electrohypersensitivity syndrome can experience these symptoms. Scientists and the medical community are questioning whether ELF should be considered carcinogenic. There’s a growing need for specialized equipment that can detect ELF radiation.

To date, 50-60 different peer-reviewed studies have reported that ELF weakens cell membranes and causes stress within cells that could lead to cancer. Studies also show that ELF produces oxidative stress, increases free radical formation, and damages genetic information.

For the last 20 years, scientists have been trying to determine how much exposure to low levels of RF (radio frequency electromagnetic fields) is safe. There are several studies supporting the existence of electrohypersensitivity syndrome, and in several countries, legislation concerning RF environments includes protection from this syndrome. The World Health Organization has stated that there is no scientific basis for linking electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms to exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation.

As we find ourselves more connected than ever and reliant on our computing devices for most of our daily tasks, it is important for companies like ours to provide innovative solutions to ensure that consumers are getting the most out of their hard-earned dollars.

It is exciting to note that the shielding of the Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday Fabric exceeded all requirements for 5G environments measured at 6, 28, 80 and even 400 GHz. Even though there are many different shielding fabrics on the market, new laboratory results being released today show that our faraday fabric has the most shielding effectiveness for the longest wavelength at multiple frequencies (low or high). This is the same fabric that is used throughout our entire line of Mission Darkness faraday bags and EMF shielding apparel and home interior products. The wide range of products offer everyday protection for a variety of devices and usage scenarios.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Radio frequency shielding can protect electronic and computer devices from interference issues that can affect performance and functionality. Radio frequency shielding can assist with stopping a wide range of electromagnetic interference (EMI) transmissions, such as cellphones, video displays, and Wi-Fi.

The demand for RF shields is higher these days due to their increasing use in industries like IT, healthcare, military, banking, business, government, research and testing facilities. Galvanized steel or copper is widely used in RF shielding due to its low cost and high effectiveness. The FCC has no authority to require the use of RF emission protection devices by the public. However, it can require individuals to show that a device complies with FCC standards if they need an FCC license or registration to operate the radio transmitter.

MOS Equipment offers all types of RF-shielded enclosures for sale at a reasonable price. Perfect for confidential information protection, a faraday cage helps secure operations with the highest standards applicable in IT projects and sensitive systems housed in 1-meter cubes as well. Not only is it important to have the products and materials that do the job as advertised, but one must also be aware of how best these features can be marketed.

The information in this blog has undoubtedly helped to clarify concerns about the technology by highlighting the fact that the equipment has been tested and that the health reasons have been vetted to a reasonable extent. However, for the products to be able to tap into their audience, they must become known.

Keeping our audience aware of the innovative products developed to combat growing concerns with EMF, 5G, data privacy, etc., is a top priority. Our goal is to identify RF shielding gaps in the industry and provide far more value than our competitors do. In addition to offering unique products, we also give attention to unique branding. We partner with StickerYou for product packaging that convey's our brand's message.

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