Introducing the Mission Darkness X2 Faraday Duffel Bag

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Introducing the Mission Darkness X2 Faraday Duffel Bag

The X2 faraday duffel bag is finally released, and it's absolutely worthy of a blog post. This bag is very cool and very versatile.  Over the past 6 years as a designer of RF shielding products I've received numerous requests for a bag that includes a detachable faraday pocket.  The main purpose of the pocket is to be used as a secondary shielding compartment when combined with the duffel, but also to attach to other packs like military molle bags.  The entire X2 Duffel is built with dual paired seams, and the highest quality faraday materials available.  With the ability to shield 5th generation devices, the X2 duffel system represents the next evolution of shielding for LE, military, and civilians.  

Using the detachable front pocket as a secondary shielding compartment

When using a faraday bag during search and seizure, whether that be for LE forensics or military opps, it's important to consider the implications of placing devices inside of the bag BEFORE doing so.  Why should you consider it?  Well, because eventually those devices have to come out, and if they don't come out in a properly shielded location the devices might be compromised.  The problem with considering this implication (and all of the others related to device containment and analysis) is that you may not have time, adequately trained personnel, or a properly shielded area to remove the devices.  

As a secondary shielded compartment, the front pocket offers the ability to separate devices from the main duffel.  This allows the operator to place lower priority devices in one pocket and higher priority devices in another, or to simply separate phones from laptops, or phones from other phones.  The ability to separate increases security by allowing chosen devices to remain shielded while others are accessed.  If devices must be sent to separate facilities, the front pocket can be removed.  The ability to reattach the front pocket keeps these two bags together, offering a dependable system for forensics investigators. 

Attaching the front pocket to a different molle pack

Molle is the most widely used modular system for attaching load-bearing equipment and pouches in the world.  That is, of course, why we chose to include molle webbing and straps between the front pocket and the duffle in the X2.  The front pocket can be easily removed from the main duffel and attached to a military or police pack, or even a civilian molle-enabled backpack.  

For military operators this offers lightweight faraday shielding for devices encountered in the field.  The front pocket measures 10" x 9" x 2" when not empty, but easily bulges to accommodate larger dimensions.  An estimate of the capacity of the front pocket would be something like 15 phones, an ample size for multi-day operations.  When not in use, the front pocket folds to be flat and small, a huge benefit for operators who look to trim inches and ounces from their packs.  

Aside from the benefits of placing the front pocket on another bag, the main duffel includes a webbing panel that provides a means for connecting other pouches, such as electronics accessories pouches for forensics, phone cables, etc.  

The main duffel

The X2 main duffel compartment measures approximately 26" x 13" x 13".  It's large enough to hold multiple laptops and other similar devices, but compact enough to stay in the mid-size bag category.  It lays flat when not in use and can even be rolled to about 26" x 5" x 5" round.  The faraday fabric is sewn with dual paired seams construction so the shielding it top-notch.  The average shielding level on the main compartment, across low MHz to 10GHz, is roughly 70dB.  On the other side of the bag (not on the side with molle straps) there are two pockets.  One is clear plastic to allow for an evidence card or ID tag, while a zip pocket behind that one allows for other accessories.  A shoulder strap with metal hardware comes with the duffel.  



The X2 faraday duffel bag excites the heck out of us.  We built the most versatile and effective large-device shielding system on the planet, with many different groups in mind.  It shields at over 70dB and offers truly unique functionality. Although this post was largely geared towards LE and military usage, the X2 Duffel can also be used for executives and civilians in situations where data security is paramount.  

Please contact us if you have any special requests, we love hearing how we can help accomplish your shielding needs.  Call 805-318-3212 or email

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