Mission Darkness Faraday Bags Provide Absolute Signal Protection

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Mission Darkness Faraday Bags Provide Absolute Signal Protection

Privacy and security are gaining importance, especially with the rise of remote working. The threat is glaring when you're out of your office, working at pop-up offices and in different places. Hackers or even employees can breach sensitive data like passwords, credentials, audio, and video recordings. You could lose everything you've worked on.

Combat security threats, protect data, and maintain your digital prvacy with Mission Darkness™ faraday solutions.

Are you traveling internationally? Do you need to protect your mobile devices before you leave, while you are away, or both? MOS Equipment™, the maker of Mission Darkenss faraday bags and analysis enclosures, is a global leader in providing radio frequency (RF) shielded products that protect your mobile devices against hacking, tracking, and spying. Get the protection that you need at our website today!

On the Go for Work or Travel? Stay Safe and Secure

More people are working remotely, at pop-up offices, and on the go than ever before. They're bringing devices with high-security risks that hackers can easily compromise. The global pandemic is starting to subside, and travel restrictions are slowly easing. Many people are eager to claim back their freedom and get moving again. Whether traveling internationally or sticking closer to home, in addition to taking continued precautions toward protecting your health, it is also essential to protect your data. Here is a principal travel tip to help keep your mobile devices secure.

Use a Faraday Bag

Thieves have become highly tech-savvy, using computers and apps to find valuable information and hack into devices. A faraday bag is a simple shielding enclosure that blocks RF signal receivers and transmissions from electronics stored inside. This protective bag blocks all incoming wireless signals, including cellular, GPS, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EMF radiation, electromagnetic pulses, and solar flares. It's been reported that the average person has 10 to 15 devices in their home that can be tracked/hacked, including their smartphones and security systems.

Your information could get leaked if you step into a crowded airport or coffee shop. It could be your credit card numbera hacker's favorite targetor personal information about you. Taking some simple precautions to keep your information safe becomes a priority. The threat to personal privacy is real with increased electronic surveillance, corporate espionage, and electronic data theft. Frequently, other countries violate the rights of their citizens by using electromagnetic radiation from specific devices. These devices listen to conversations in private homes, record email correspondence, images, and capture data transmitted wirelessly from laptops or mobile devices. Mission Darkness products offer protection from these threats. They seal the outside RF signals within a protective cage using a conductive material called TitanRF™ Faraday Fabric (the liner of Mission Darkness bags) that blocks electromagnetic signals.

The data from lab tests confirm that this material is effective at blocking RF signals. All Mission Darkness bags, such as the Mission Darkness FreeRoam Faraday Backpack, are constructed wiht multiple layers of TitanRF Faraday Fabric, in addition to a wear-resitant exterior materials. Our products can protect equipment and electronics from interference or degradation caused by strong cell phone signals or other artificial electromagnetic sources. Faraday bags are a secure and portable solution that safeguards sensitive information and prevents data theft.

Mission Darkness FreeRoam Faraday Backpack

A faraday bag is generally a transportable enclosure for storing your valuable electronics and personal items, that blocks electromagnetic fields. The latest innovation in mobility and electronic security can not only protect your data, but isolate your mobile devices when you want to go off-the-grid. Do you find yourself constantly fiddling with your phone, wishing you could be texting less, or perhaps become untrackable? The next time you walk out the door, take along an item that will keep your mobile devices safe and secure while you ignore digital distractions and enjoy the outdoors.


Technology is increasingly part of our lives. The risks and severity of data hacking are real and growing. Mission Darkness' unique security products provide a higher level of protection for mobile devices. Today's business professionals are becoming more mobile, and more easily victimized by cybercriminals. They exploit your travels through malicious software, email phishing, and other cyberattacks. Using Mission Darkness faraday bags allows you to secure your sensitive data so that you can focus on the job at hand. Making our products stand out through innovative designs backed by lab testing, for the on-the-go worker and traveler is one of the primordial ways we ensure organic brand awareness.

Custom Labeling

Mission Darnkess offers a range of custom labeling services, should you or your organization require custom labeled, co-branded faraday bags. Co-branded products are an effective way to spread word of mouth for your business, as well as offer a useful gift for individulas at your organization.

Mission Darkness has partnered with some of the most recognized organizations to create the best-branded faraday bags in the industry. You don't have to settle for generic-looking, lower-quality gear while traveling with your farday bags. Mission Darkness products are utilized by executives, law enforcement, military, corporations, and security conscious indivials who require devices to be secured from interference and other interferers.

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