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Police1 Spotlights Mission Darkness™ Faraday Bags: A New Era in Digital Evidence Protection

Mission Darkness Faraday Bags offer the ultimate RF shielding and innovative features

MOS Equipment, the manufacturer of Mission Darkness faraday bags and analysis enclosures, was honored to be featured in's Evidence Management section, with a lengthy product write-up and endorsement published on November 27, 2023. We support Police1 's mission (stated below) and value the trusted information they provide to the law enforcement community. is the #1 resource for law enforcement online for one simple reason: Our mission is to help officers fulfill their mission. We provide law enforcement with the information and resources they need to better protect their communities and come home safe every day. We do this by providing a secure, trusted and reliable online environment for the exchange of information between officers and departments across the United States and from around the world.

Summary of the Article

In a recent article on Police1 titled "A Game Changer in Faraday Equipment," the effectiveness of Mission Darkness faraday bags in law enforcement scenarios is meticulously examined. This article, authored by an experienced police officer, delves into the critical role these bags play in cell phone evidence collection and data preservation.

The Challenges Faced in Digital Evidence Preservation

Law enforcement encounters significant challenges in preserving digital evidence. One major issue is the risk of remote data wiping. This can occur when a suspect or an associate remotely wipes a device's data, thus eradicating crucial evidence. Additionally, phone manufacturers like Apple have introduced robust encryption methods, further complicating evidence retrieval.

The Solutions Offered by Mission Darkness Faraday Bags

Mission Darkness faraday bags offer a potent solution to these issues. These bags are designed to shield devices from remote signals, thereby preventing remote wipes and preserving data integrity.

Testing and Validation

The article notes that the author rigorously tested various models of Mission Darkness faraday bags, including the Non-window Faraday Bag for Phones, the Non-window Faraday Bag and Laptops, the Window Faraday Bag for Phones, the Window Charge & Shield Faraday Bag for Phones, and the NeoLok Faraday Bag for Phones with Battery Kit. These tests confirmed the bags’ effectiveness in blocking signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Unique Features and Quality

Mission Darkness faraday bags stand out due to their quality and unique features. For instance, some bags have transparent windows allowing visibility of the device status. They also have external clear pockets for identification purposes and NeoLok magnetic closures that are safe for use with forensic gloves. The construction of these bags involves durable water-resistant ballistic nylon and high-shielding TitanRF Faraday Fabric, ensuring longevity even under tough conditions.

Product usage images shown in the article

The Importance of This Article

This article is crucial as it validates the effectiveness of Mission Darkness faraday bags from a practical, law enforcement perspective. It demonstrates how these bags are essential tools in modern policing, helping preserve vital digital evidence against sophisticated methods employed to erase data.

In an era where technology and crime are rapidly evolving, the article emphasizes the need for law enforcement to adapt and embrace tools like Mission Darkness faraday bags with innovative charging and shielding features. These tools are key in ensuring the secure preservation of digital evidence, which is vital for successful investigations.

For a detailed read, you can access the full article here​.