Shielding Requirements for Digital Forensics Investigations

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Shielding Requirements for Digital Forensics Investigations

Current Electronic Device Shielding Requirements for Digital Forensics Investigations

"Tips & Tricks" Webinar Series

Recently Ryan Judy, MOS Equipment CEO, was featured on Teel Technologies “Tips & Tricks” webinar series, discussing radio frequency shielding along with the current requirements for digital forensics investigations.

The presentation covers a wide range of shielding topics, including an overview of how faraday enclosures shield electronics from RF signals, the reality of 5G signal strength, best practices for transporting evidence (cell phones, tablets, similar devices) from the field to the lab, the importance of properly shielding and charging devices during each evidence processing stage, and more.

Check out the video above to learn more about the topic and watch Ryan demonstrate the new Mission Darkness™ products that are used to keep a device shielded and charged at all times, thus enabling the maximum amount of data extraction and unlocking capabilities with digital forensics tools like GrayKey, Cellebrite, Magnet, XRY, BlackBag, Oxygen, etc.


The Field to Lab Infographic is referenced throughout the video. It details the products and procedures recommend for evidence handling throughout each stage, from the field to the front office to the digital forensics lab.

The faraday shielding presentation that was shown during the webinar can be downloaded for sharing electronically.

Feel free to contact us for any faraday shielding questions or if you would like to discuss what products are recommended for your evidence processing system based on budget and department.