Smart Meters | What They Are and How to Shield Yourself

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Smart Meters | What They Are and How to Shield Yourself

In the last decade, many electricity providers have opted to use smart meters to measure power usage. The desire to get accurate readings remotely and continuously has merit; it can provide savings to both the power company and consumer, and allow for more energy usage optimization. However, there is concern regarding the process of sending this information to your provider. The solution often requires using radio frequencies to wirelessly communicate with wifi, cell towers, etc.

Continuous RF emissions and the impact on consumer health has been a frequent topic of debate in the smart meter industry. Daniel Hirsch, a former Director of The Program on Environmental and Nuclear Policy at UC Santa Cruz, has raised concern about the non-thermal health effects such as latent cancers from RF exposure, stating smart meters "may produce cumulative, whole-body exposures far higher than that of cell phones or microwave ovens."

Privacy invasion is another primary issue for smart meter consumers. The device itself sends detailed, real-time information to the power company about electricity usage, providing reports that could be used to extract more specifics about the consumer. These reports could allow companies to infer behavioral patterns of the occupants, ranging from sleeping habits to the type of devices you are using, to whether or not you are home. This data is collected by private corporations and is eventually up for sale. Debt collectors are known to use this data to infer if the occupants are home. Additionally, this information could be observed by the government and police entities. It can even be used to decide exactly where to cut power when necessary.

Although power companies claim that smart meters use advanced encryption and have trustworthy security, it is only a matter of time until a harmful entity gains access to this private data about you and your home and uses it for criminal motives. Imagine the success a burglar would have if they were able to track your real-time location. This may seem like a far-fetched, worse-case scenario, but power companies have already implemented using this data to exploit customers and charge them as much as possible for power usage.

In response to these concerns, governments have been launching reviews of these programs, and some companies even offer "opt-out" options. Other providers, however, have tacked on fees for customers that decide to opt-out. For example, The Public Utility Commission of Maine voted to allow customers to opt-out of the meter application at a cost of $12 per month. Companies across the states have offered similar options, however, as ridiculous as it is to have to pay to opt out of receiving something, these options are still at the will and discretion of these power providers, with some already beginning to roll-back these programs or planning alterations in the coming future. Your ability to keep your privacy could become a pricey featured add-on not included in the base package.

You may be asking yourself how to restrict power companies from intruding on your privacy and financial lifestyle. Our team is determined to put situations like this to an end and support users with multiple solutions. Because smart meters cannot be removed, the only way to reduce the emitting RF exposure that tracks information like stated above, is to constantly shield the meter with a fitted RF/EMF faraday cover. By placing a device like the Smart Meter Cloak over your smart meter, RF signals will fail to emit from the meter, preventing these emissions from going inside your home. The Cloak is a safe and effective way to reduce your household's exposure to smart meter emissions.

This Cloak is designed with a double layer of 1/6" stainless steel mesh that offers for a high-shielding effect to take place. The stainless steel lid compresses with a faraday shielded gasket for a tight and secure seal when latched. When needed, a technician from your provider can open the lid and view the smart meter screen through the top layer mesh so that the Smart Meter Cloak never needs to be removed and won't violate your contract.

Installation is made easy with the stainless steel mesh pull-tab and double screw clamp for securing the base ring over your smart meter. The kit includes two different weather-proof, size-adjusting foam strips to accommodate for various size meters and fitting purposes. The high-quality materials will not rust, corrode, or leak RF over time.