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The Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL with Mounted Webcam and Tablet Is Revolutionizing Digital Forensics

We are thrilled to announce the latest innovation in digital forensics technology: the Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Lab XL with Mounted Webcam and Tablet. This new variation of the BlockBox Lab XL is designed to streamline investigations, making it the premier choice for forensic professionals.

Enhanced User Experience

Streamlines Investigations

Unveiled at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

The Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL with Mounted Webcam and Tablet made its debut at the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in Wilmington, NC on June 4, 2024. The conference, renowned for showcasing cutting-edge security and forensic technology, provided the perfect stage for our latest product. Attendees were captivated by the new configuration, with many experts proclaiming it the best in the market.

Mision Dakrness BlockBox Lab XL with mounted webcam and tablet

Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam Mounted Internally

The integration of the Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam is a game-changer for digital forensics. Mounted internally to the lid of the BlockBox Lab XL, this high-resolution camera provides:

  • Ultra-Clear Resolution: Captures precise and detailed video recordings of device interrogations, ensuring every critical detail is documented.
  • Wide Field of View: Allows for comprehensive monitoring of devices inside the enclosure, giving investigators a full perspective during examinations. The angle can be adjusted internally using the conductive gloves.
  • Seamless Integration: The internal mounting offers a streamlined setup, eliminating the need for external recording devices and reducing setup time and potential errors.

13" Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Mounted Externally

Paired with the Anker webcam, the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet mounted externally on the lid offers unparalleled performance and versatility:

  • High-Speed Performance: The tablet delivers the power of a premium laptop, capable of running forensic software smoothly and efficiently.
  • Versatile Functionality: Investigators can perform complex data analyses, manage extensive documentation, and run multiple forensic programs simultaneously.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Recording: The shielded USB filter ensures a secure connection between the webcam and the tablet, allowing for immediate viewing and recording of device interrogations.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The tablet’s intuitive interface and touch-screen functionality make it easy to navigate forensic tools and manage investigations on the go.
  • Magnetic Backing: The tablet is securely held in place by a magnetic strip. The tablet can be removed and attached to a different mount if desired.

Why This Setup is the Best for Investigations

The combination of the Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam and the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet transforms the BlockBox Lab XL into the ultimate forensic analysis tool. This integrated system excites users because it offers:

  • Efficient Workflow: By integrating recording and analysis capabilities directly into the BlockBox, investigators can streamline their processes, saving valuable time and reducing the complexity of their setup.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: High-resolution video and real-time recording ensure that all interrogation activities are thoroughly documented, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of forensic investigations.
  • Advanced Analysis Capabilities: The powerful Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet enables investigators to utilize a wide array of forensic software, perform in-depth data analysis, and manage cases effectively, all within one device.

Features That Stand Out

  • Integrated Camera and Tablet: Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam mounted internally to the lid, connected to a removable Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet mounted externally via a shielded USB filter through the lid.
  • Certified Shielding: Meets IEEE 299-2006 shielding effectiveness standards, ensuring the highest level of RF signal protection. Blocks WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals.
  • Extra-Large Interior Space: Accommodates multiple cell phones, tablets, laptops, and similar-sized devices. The included durable acrylic stand and phone organizer can be used to optimize space and mobile device investigations.
  • Dual-Sided Shielded Filter: Equipped with two USB ports, one AC port, and one RJ45 ethernet port (separate from the USB filter through the lid that is utilized by the camera connection).
  • Indefinite Power Capabilities: AC power strip with with four universal power outlets and four USB outlets charges multiple devices internally. Prevents lockout mode and reduces passcode cracking time, maximizing data extraction with tools like GrayKey, Cellebrite, XRY, BlackBag, Oxygen, etc.
  • Patented RF Shielded Window: Patented Gen 2 RF-FilterVu ultra-transparent shielded window for device viewing (Pat. US11943907B2).
  • Comprehensive Accessory Kit: Includes an array of accessories including replacement gloves and seals, UL-certified cables, acrylic phone organizer and shelf, variety of Mission Darkness NeoLok Faraday bags, stylus pens, and more.

The Future of Digital Forensics

The Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL with Mounted Webcam and Tablet is not just an upgrade; it is a revolution in digital forensics. Its ability to combine robust RF shielding with built-in recording and analysis capabilities makes it the ultimate tool for forensic professionals. The overwhelmingly positive reception at the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference is a testament to its groundbreaking design and functionality.

Upgrade to the Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL with Mounted Webcam and Tablet and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us for more information, customization requests, or to get a quote. Stay up to date with the latest digital forensic technology and ensure your investigations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Watch the Demo Video to See It in Action