BlockBox Touch Pro Instructions

SKU: MDFB-BBT-PRO — Instructions Published 7/3/2024

The Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Touch Pro is a modular collapsible mobile device analysis enclosure. It includes a patented aluminum glove mount plate with two built-in replaceable conductive gloves, a USB 3.0 filter, device preview window, extra-large interior space, and a replaceable faraday shell, collectively allowing the operator to access and extract data on scene, as well as connect to a charging source. 

The product is uniquely designed to allow users to replace separate components, should they become damaged or contaminated, extending the product's lifespan.

Follow the detailed instructions to guide you through the assembly and component replacement process.

Downloadable and Video Instructions Coming Soon!

BlockBox Touch Pro

Instructions Published 7/3/2024

Conductive Glove Replacement Demo Video

Faraday Shell Replacement Demo Video

Carbon Fiber Structure Walls Installation Demo Video

Test and Care

Test the enclosure prior to use to ensure no signals are penetrating. Once inserted, confirm that signal is cutoff and that the device is connected properly in order to receive power (if needed). The enclosure should not be exposed to moisture. If you must clean, dampen a rag and lightly wipe away residue. Keep sharp and abrasive objects away from the enclosure. A medical glove can be worm inside the conductive gloves to prevent residue and oils from coating the conductive fabric.