Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Lab

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The Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Lab offers the ultimate radio frequency (RF) shielding and hands-on accessibility for electronic device forensics investigations. The heavy-duty forensic analysis enclosure is designed specifically for investigating mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and additional small electronics while remaining shielded from WiFi, cell, and other signals.

The BlockBox Lab includes conductive gloves for both hands to operate and interrogate devices inside (including touch screens), a transparent viewing window, LED array, AC power strip, and two USB ports for extracting data at high speeds, enabling forensic investigators to thoroughly analyze data on electronic devices while preventing any signal from reaching or leaving the device. It is constructed of a durable outer aluminum casting with RF absorbent foam lining the inside walls offering extreme device protection and isolation. Although designed for lab use, the light weight of the BlockBox Lab and strong side handles allow it to be easily transported to different locations.

*The comprehensive BlockBox Lab kit includes a set of replacement gloves and replacement foam seals which can be easily installed. The kit also comes with a tablet size NeoLok Faraday Bag with a magnetic closure, making it safe to use with conductive gloves in forensics investigations.