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The UL-Certified Assurance of Mission Darkness™ USB Cables

Mission Darkness High-Quality USB Cable Set

Discover the High Standards of Mission Darkness USB Cables

At Mission Darkness, we understand that the accessories accompanying our products hold as much significance as the main items themselves, particularly when these products are destined for critical fields like law enforcement and military digital forensics.

It's with this understanding that we’ve committed to providing not just good, but exceptional quality in every component, including the often-overlooked USB cables used to connect to mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, which come packaged with a variety of our products that utilize a USB connection.

Rigorous Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Cable Testing Certification

Many of our components and accessories undergoe stringent testing and certification processes. This includes the USB cables and cable tips included with a variety of our products, such as the Charge & Shield Faraday Bags, NeoLok Battery Kit Faraday Bags, Forensic Crack Cabinet, Deploy Kit, Blocker Locker, BlockBox Lab XL, BlockBox Touch USB, and additional products that require a USB connection. All products utilizing a USB connection come equipped with a high-quality cable set that has been tested and improved upon to offer the best results and durability.  

The highlight of our dedication to cable quality specifically is the certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an esteemed independent safety science company with over a century of expertise in crafting safety solutions. This UL certification isn't just a label; it's a testament to the reliability, safety, and top-notch performance of our cables.

How It Compares to MFI Certification

While many consumers are familiar with MFI (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certification as a standard for cable quality, it’s crucial to understand that MFI certification, though valuable, does not always equate to the highest quality. MFI has become a quality mark from Apple for Lightning cables and other products. Apple has developed a test program that tests cables on safety and performance, among other things. Products receive an MFI certification if they pass that test.

At Mission Darkness, we strive to match and even surpass the quality standards set by MFI. Our lab-tested cables are proof of this, demonstrating exceptional performance in various critical metrics, including power efficiency, D+/D- pair attenuation, D+/D- pair differential impedance, D+/D- pair propogation delay, D+/D- intra-pair skew, D+ and D- DC resistance, error rate, and compatibility.

Examining the Popular Lightning Cable

One specific item that exemplifies our commitment to excellence is the commonly used USB 2.0 Std-A to Lightning Cable. This cable has been the subject of rigorous scrutiny and testing, particularly because it is the most questioned and scrutinized among our cable offerings. We’ve backed our claims with a comprehensive formal test report that delves into several key aspects of the cable’s performance. The results? Our cables are not only efficient in power delivery but are also built to withstand the rigorous demands of field use, where every second and every connection counts.

Importance of Ensuring Continuous Power and Data Integrity in Digital Forensics

For digital forensics professionals in law enforcement and military applications, a reliable cable is more than just a tool—it's a lifeline. Any connectivity issue could jeopardize a criminal case by preventing a mobile device from charging and maintaining power, which is crucial for data extraction and case analysis. Recognizing this, we have engineered our cables to prevent such pivotal failures, ensuring that devices stay powered and data integrity is maintained throughout critical operations.

Image of the cables included with the Mission Darkness Forensic Crack Cabinet

Upgraded Cable and Component Quality: Our Promise of Improvement

In response to feedback we received about our cables, we enlisted Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of our cables. Through this rigorous testing, we uncovered and understood the primary reasons behind any failures, which were predominantly related to material quality. We took decisive action to address these issues directly with our suppliers and produced a completely new batch of cables. These redesigned cables not only meet but exceed the MFI standards set by Apple for Lightning cables. Moreover, we enhanced the durability and aesthetics of all of our USB cables with a new waterproof PVC exterior, providing a noticeable difference in both look and feel. This comprehensive update demonstrates our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and addressing any concerns our customers may have with confidence and transparency.

We want our customers to know that we continuously seek to improve. The quality of cables we provide today has significantly evolved from those we offered in the past; this is the same for all components and products that we offer in our product line. Our commitment to enhancement is driven by our dedication to our customers' needs and the critical nature of their work.

Mission Darkness Charge & Shield Faraday Bag Includes a High-Quality USB Cable Set

Image of the cables included with the Mission Darkness Charge & Shield Faraday Bag

Cable Variety Required for Mobile Devices Investigations

Our range of USB cables is curated to cater to the diverse needs of handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets. The Mission Darkness Cable Set includes a collection of commonly used high-quality shielded cables and comes with a convenient zipper pouch for easy organization and transport. This set comprises essential types for today's digital devices: a universal angle USB A/M to A/M, Lightning to USB, Micro USB, USB-C, and a USB extension cable. It's included with products built with a shielded USB filter to ensure proper and optimal usage. The cable variety included in each set ensures that users are equipped to connnect to a wide range of devices, which is especially important when seizing devices on-scene, allowing them to connect to a power source or data extraction tool.

Each cable in the set meets the rigorous standards we promise, ensuring reliability and performance in any operational context. Whether you need to connect, charge, or transfer data, our cable set provides the necessary tools with the assurance of Mission Darkness quality.

Mission Darkness Cable Set

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At Mission Darkness, we don’t just sell products; we deliver guarantees of quality and reliability. Our UL-certified USB cables are a core part of this promise, ensuring that when you choose our products, you are equipped with the best tools possible, right down to the cables that power and connect your devices. Whether you are in the field or in the lab, trust that you are supported by cables that are not just good, but are demonstrably among the best available.