Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer

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Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer - Simple, Practical Device Management


Mission Darkness Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer

The Mission Darkness™ Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer is a straightforward solution for digital forensics workspaces. Constructed with high-quality thick acrylic, this clear, durable phone stand simplifies your device management by holding up to five devices in an upright position, either vertical or horizontal. It's an uncomplicated, no-fuss accessory designed to bring order to your work environment.

Reliable Material: Made with high-grade, clear acrylic, this organizer provides a sturdy place to securely hold mobile devices and accompanying accessories. It's built to last, offering you a reliable service through repeated, everyday use.

Practical Organization: The stand's main appeal is its simplicity and utility. It holds up to five phones or tablets, helping you cut down on clutter and keep your devices organized while they charge, crack passcodes, or await examination. Its transparency allows you to see all screens at a glance, without the need for complicated adjustments.

Open Sides for Versatile Cable Management: The absence of side walls allows cables to be conveniently fed in various directions. This feature accommodates a multitude of setups, promoting efficient cable management and preventing tangles, thus supporting an uninterrupted workflow.

Compatibility: Though simple, this organizer is designed to fit well within the Mission Darkness Forensic Crack Cabinet and the Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL, adding an extra layer of order to your existing setup and improving space management. It doesn't complicate things — it just fits right into your workflow. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal addition to any forensic box, mobile device storage cabinet, lab or workspace in need of enhanced organization.

Experience the practical solution for device management with the Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer, because sometimes, simplicity is the key to efficiency.

Images of the Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer on a shelf inside the Forensic Crack Cabinet. The cabinet comes equipped with seven phone organizers that can be arranged however the user prefers. The phone organizer improves space optimization, device screen visibility, and overall workflow.

Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer Features

  • Sturdy Acrylic Build: Reliable for frequent handling and everyday use, maintaining its clarity and shape. The thick material is extremely difficult to crack or break, making it preferred for commercial use.
  • Capacity for Five Devices: Capacity is enough to help with bulk device management, without overwhelming your space. The stand has five compartments to support various mobile devices in varying widths plus accompanying case files or accessories. Purchase multiple units to increase device capacity.
  • Transparent Design: Keep an eye on all device screens effortlessly. The low profile and transparent material allows the user to ensure devices are charging and see if passcodes have been cracked.
  • Stabilizing Rubber Feet: Equipped with clear rubber feet, this stand ensures a non-slip grip on surfaces, maintaining its position with steadfast stability.
  • Curved Edges: The stand's edges boast a gentle curvature, specifically designed to prevent conductive gloves or other sensitive materials from snagging or sustaining damage, ensuring a smoother interaction and increased safety during use.
  • Unobtrusive Yet Distinguished: It blends seamlessly into your workspace, providing reliability without clamoring for attention. Its subtle elegance and superior functionality set it apart in a market of less refined alternatives.


  • External dimensions: 8.875" L x 7" W x 1.875" H (25.54cm x 17.78cm x 4.76cm)
  • Space between each section: 1.5" L (3.81cm); devices and contents cannot be thicker than this
  • Compatible with all cell phone models and bulky cases


The Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer is suitable for professionals in digital forensics, IT, law enforcement, or anyone who needs a simple, effective solution for device management. It doesn't come with bells and whistles because it doesn't need them. It's the silent partner in your investigative process, making your job a little bit easier, one device at a time.


The Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer is compatible with forensic boxes, charging lockers, and laboratory or desk setups with limited space. This is the same item included with the Mission Darkness Forensic Crack Cabinet and the Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL.

Should your workspace offer generous room, the phone organizer pairs seamlessly with the Mission Darkness BlockBox Lab XL Crystal Clear Organizer Shelf, constructed with identical high-grade clear acrylic material. The shelf is tailored to host the phone organizer either as a stable base or neatly tucked underneath, presenting enhanced organizational capacity and spatial finesse.

Elevate your arrangement by stacking various organizer shelves interspersed with phone organizers, crafting a vertical charging oasis that champions both visibility and optimized space utilization. This system not only streamlines your device management but also transforms your work area into a hub of efficiency and order.

Mission Darkness Forensic Crystal Clear Phone Organizer and Shelf inside the BlockBox Lab XL offering optimal mobile device organization