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How to Choose the Right Faraday Tent for Digital Forensics

Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent is the preferred choice for digital forensics investigations

In the complex and evolving field of digital forensics, the selection of a shielded environment, such as a portable faraday tent, is crucial. These enclosures, designed to block electromagnetic signals, are essential for securing sensitive investigations and preventing remote access to electronic devices. They are often preferred over installing a faraday room for their mobility, cost-efficiency, and ease of setup. Unlike the fixed and costly installation of a faraday room, a tent offers a portable solution that can be deployed quickly and flexibly in various settings. This makes it an ideal choice for operations requiring secure, signal-blocking environments on the go or in temporary locations, providing a practical and effective alternative to traditional faraday rooms.

While there are only a handful of reputable vendors manufacturing faraday tents, at first glance, their products may appear similar. However, upon closer inspection, these tents offer varying features and construction techniques. When selecting a faraday tent, consider the following key factors.

Shielding Effectiveness:

The primary function of a faraday tent is to provide a secure environment by blocking external RF and EMI signals. It's important to know how effective the materials and faraday tent itself are at blocking particular signals. They should be properly tested at an accredited laboratory with published results.

For example, the Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent is "seamlessly constructed" with multiple layers of TitanRF Faraday Fabric and TitanRF Faraday Tape, metal coated conductive materials that are lab tested and certified to shielding effectiveness standards MIL STD 188-125 and IEEE 299-2006. This unique type of "seamless construction" reduces the risk of ripping from hard pulls, compared to traditional tent covers made with stitched seams. The high-shielding materials and innovative construction technique blocks a wide range of frequencies including WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals from low MHz to 40GHz, the common shielding requirement for mobile device isolation.

Ease of Use and Assembly:

Operational efficiency is paramount, especially in time-sensitive forensic investigations. Choose a tent that boasts a user-friendly design that facilitates quick setup and disassembly without compromising on security or functionality. It should be sturdy yet lightweight and portable, so that it can be deployed in various environments, from laboratories to field locations.

It should also feature an easy-to-use doorway for maintaining workflow efficiency while ensuring complete signal blockage. Such a design allows for quick and secure access to the shielded environment without compromising the integrity of the shielding. This balance between accessibility and security is critical in situations requiring frequent entry and exit without disrupting the protective barriers against electromagnetic interference, crucial for sensitive operations and investigations.

Connectivity Capabilities:

While shielding is critical, so too is the ability to connect securely to external devices when necessary. If you require connectivity, choose a tent that offers shielded ports that allow for controlled connections, ensuring that data can be transferred safely without exposing devices to external threats. Most forensic faraday tents come equipped with shielded ports, or are capable of having them installed for an additional cost. Ensure you get quoted for a tent that features the shielded filter ports you require for your operations.

Operational Usability:

Additional functionalities in faraday tents, such as integrated ventilation systems, internal lighting, and power supplies, significantly enhance their operational usability. These features ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment, crucial for prolonged investigations or sensitive operations. They also address the practical aspects of working with electronic devices in a shielded enclosure, maintaining optimal device performance and investigator comfort. Such functionalities make a faraday tent not just a shielded space but a fully equipped workstation for various applications.

If you only require a shielded environment for EMP protection, storing or testing electronics, these additional usability features may not be required.

Vendor Reputation and Transparency:

Vendor reputation and transparency are crucial in the selection of faraday tents. Manufacturers who have trusted products in the indudtry, and who display actual product usage videos and photos rather than relying solely on 3D renderings offer potential buyers a more honest and clear understanding of what they are purchasing. Actual videos and images help in assessing the build quality and design features accurately, ensuring that the product aligns with users' expectations and needs.

Example of a real video demonstrating the faraday tent features. This is what you should look for when comparing faraday tent options, to ensure the tent's accuracy.

Example of a rendering of a faraday tent, opposed to an actual photo. Be wary of faraday tents with renderings only. Ask the manufacturer or reseller for real images showing the product installed.

Customer Support and Warranty Services:

Customer support and warranty services are essential for ensuring long-term satisfaction and reliability of faraday tents. Good customer support offers assistance during setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance, enhancing user experience. Meanwhile, comprehensive warranty services protect against defects and ensure that any issues are promptly addressed. These aspects reflect the manufacturer's confidence in their product and commitment to customer satisfaction, which are crucial when investing in high-quality forensic equipment.

Farday tents can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or third party distributors and resellers. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer, rather than through a reseller, may be advantageous as it usually ensures access to direct service and more effective troubleshooting for any issues that arise.

Easily Repairable:

Choosing a faraday tent that's easily repairable by the user is crucial for maintaining operational readiness, and minimizing downtime. It ensures that minor damages such as faraday fabric punctures can be swiftly addressed without the need for extensive manufacturer interventions, which can be time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, a tent built with robust materials in an optimized manner reduces the likelihood of repairs, ensuring durability and longevity. This approach not only saves time and resources but also enhances the tent's reliability in critical situations.

Affordable Price:

Budget considerations play a significant role in the selection process. Portable faraday tents range in price from around $18,000 to $50,000+ USD depending on advanced features requested. This cost is generally significantly cheaper than installing a fixed faraday room inside of a building. Price variations are largely due to differences in materials used, size, shielding effectiveness, and additional features like ventilation, lighting, and connectivity options, which cater to specific needs and applications.

Conclusion and Preferred Choice:

Considering the myriad of features crucial for operational effectiveness and reliability in digital forensics, MOS Equipment crafted the Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent to outperform competitors. This tent redefines industry standards by integrating user-demanded functionalities into a robust and efficient design, offering unparalleled signal shielding, ease of access, and durability. It offers a balance of advanced features and cost-effectiveness, making it a smart investment for organizations prioritizing both security and fiscal responsibility.

The standard product includes everything needed to maintain a secure, RF shielded workspace, such as shielded filters, lighting, flooring, ventilation, and accessories, making additional purchases unnecessary. The retail cost is $18,490 USD, by far the most affordable forensic quality faraday tent on the market considering the features included. Additional modifications and size variations can be made to the product upon request. For more details on its features and how it compares to other options, visit the product page.

Examples of the Preferred CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent Features:

Patent pending RFMagLink door system with a magnetic door frame and carbon fiber door panel stiffeners

Two shielded air vents with an adjustable floor-standing blower fan to ventilate the space

Sturdy and lightweight carbon fiber tent frame with four legs and aluminum corner joints

Installation is simplified to just snapping the frame together, adjusting tension straps, and fitting the filter

Shielded filter with one RJ45 ethernet port, one AC power port, and two USB ports, plus customization options

Comprehensive accessory kit includes a variety of faraday bags, cables, and repair items

*For comprehensive faraday tent comparisons, it's best to visit manufacturers' websites or contact them directly for detailed product specifications and features.