Mission Darkness™ Revelation EMP Shield for Generators

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The Mission Darkness Revelation EMP Shield is the largest faraday bag on the market designed specifically to protect generators, large electronics, and survival tools from the damaging effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or coronal mass ejection (CME). In the case of an EMP or CME, everything from electrical infrastructure on a national level to personal electronics could be destroyed, which is why it’s imperative to shield survival electronics. The high-shielding properties of the Revelation EMP Shield directs damaging electromagnetic fields away from highly sensitive electrical components, thus protecting their working structure.

The extremely large size and volume of the Revelation EMP Shield allow it to accommodate most compact portable electric (solar) or gas powered generators, including the Goal Zero Yeti series, the Patriot Power 1500, and the Honda EU2000 (as pictured), plus their accompanying accessories such as power cords and solar panels. The Revelation is built with a durable and removable aluminum base plate secured in a bottom zipper compartment to provide ample support for oversized items. Padded handles with load-bearing webbing completely wraps around the sides and bottom to support the weight of heavy objects during transport. The front side of the bag includes a deep unshielded zipper compartment and large transparent pocket to keep documents and items accessible while not compromising the shielding of the electronic items in the main compartment.

Once the generator or electronics are properly enclosed inside the Revelation EMP Shield, EMPs and signals cannot penetrate or destroy the electrical components inside. The complete signal cut-off also allows you to go off-grid and keep electronic devices untrackable/unhackable. This is the ultimate safety bag for protecting large survival electronics from a natural or man-made disaster occurrence such as an EMP or CME.


Webbing is continuous through the entire bottom of the bag to support the base plate and heavy objects inside
The aluminum base plate is removable and covered in protective fabric