Mission Darkness™ T10 Faraday Bag for Towers

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The Mission Darkness™ T10 faraday bag is the only faraday bag on the market designed to shield computer towers and similarly-sized devices, such as printers, gaming systems, or DVR boxes. Most faraday bags are simply too small, but the T10 offers ample room to fit even the largest of desktop setups, as well as accessories. It folds into a small size, offering portability and flexibility.

When recovering computer towers at a crime scene it may seem like pulling the power would keep the WiFi antenna and others offline. The problem is you don't know what's inside! If the computer carries an internal backup battery, a remote wipe kill switch, or other wireless objects like a cell phone, the data may be compromised or the investigator/operative can be remotely located. When time is of the essence it's important to shield ALL devices that may have the potential to communicate wirelessly, and thoroughly investigate when time allows. Other accessories like keyboards, mouses, etc. can be placed inside of the bag as well.